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RE: [IPk] RE: Pump site

Thanks Tori,

The leg sounds very interesting, when you get a moment or anyone else
can say do you use the side or front of leg for the site and how high
up?  Just wondering how much tubing is floating around up the leg and
where do you feed it through if you clip to your waistband or place the
pump in your pocket?  Is it tricky putting the set into your upper
buttocks, just thinking about the practicalities if you are doing it

It's good to hear how each person is so different, but then again I
wouldn't have thought any differently!


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Hi Marion

I haven't posted here lately (been far too busy!) so I don't know you,
I just wanted to reply to this.

I've been pumping for 28 years (with a break of almost 5 years starting 
about ten years ago). For all of those years, I have probably used my 
abdomen about 5 times. Abdomen sites just don't work for me. They don't 
last and my absorption is erratic.

However, the sites I have used for the last 5 years - usually my thighs
occasionally my upper buttocks -  (using Humalog and Novorapid) have not

scarred at all. Previously I had a lot of dystrophy from sites, but I
using fixed metal needles and diluted Actrapid in my hips.

I routinely get 6 days to a site, and my record is 15 days. My point is 
that not everyone scars, and not everyone has difficulties with sites.

I hope that gives you some reassurance... but of course, until your 
daughter starts pumping, you won't really know.



At 10:02 PM 31/01/2005, you wrote:

>Hi John & Everyone,
>Interesting what you say about your abdomen, does everyone scar
>differently?  Just wondering about my 10 year old daughter who isn't
>pumping y4et but who likes to wear a bikini (and I'm sure will still
>want to as she grows older).
>Is a definite that pumping will leave you with quite an aftermath no
>matter how good your sites are?
>Would be interested to hear from some of you bikini wearing ladies.

Victoria (Tori) Davidson
Founder and CEO, Hypostasis Ltd.
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