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[IPk] RE: Pump site

Hi John & Everyone,

Interesting what you say about your abdomen, does everyone scar
differently?  Just wondering about my 10 year old daughter who isn't
pumping y4et but who likes to wear a bikini (and I'm sure will still
want to as she grows older).
Is a definite that pumping will leave you with quite an aftermath no
matter how good your sites are?

Would be interested to hear from some of you bikini wearing ladies.


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>This is a naive and very silly question I know but here goes.  I
>don't remember asking why we have to change the site every 2-3 days.
>Would it cause problems if left in longer?

Hi June -

A cure for Type 1 diabetes *may* be around the corner, or it may not 
be. We do not know. For that reason, we treat our diabetes on the 
assumption we're going to be doing this for the rest of our life. 
Despite being made of special stuff, the body does reject the 
infusion set eventually, as if it's a splinter. Mine starts rejecting 
it at least on day 2.

I'll be honest and say my abdomen is now looking a bit of a scarred 
mess after 7 years of pumping. Previously, after 15 years of 
injections, it was looking fine.

I did once "pressure test" an infusion set (in my first year of 
pumping) to see what happened. By day 6 it had become extremely 
yucky. I think that's a good way to describe it. Please don't try 
this yourself at home :-) If yours lasts longer - that's great news. 
But as time wears on, the insulin is often absorbed less predictably 
from the wound you have made with the infusion set.

Oh, I did have more fun yesterday. My wife's still away - gets back 
tonight. We had a light lunch - ravioli on toast. 4pm I checked my BG 
(celebrating the fact I have a working BG meter again!). It was 19 
mmol/L. Oo. Errr. Checked infusion site - that looked fine. Checked 
pump - how much insulin had I had with my lunch? Answer: nothing!!! I 
had completely forgotten to bolus. How do I walk around my entire 
life attached to an insulin pumping machine, and forget to bolus for 
a meal? Bolused 4 units, and injected 5 units. It came down soon 
enough. Any more nonsense like this, and the doctors may withdraw my 
right to have diabetes 8-/

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