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Re: [IPk] Length for infusion site


I found some extremely interesting points in the answers to my question.  I 
know many of the points obviously eg regarding inflammation and possible 
soreness of site etc. and I'm not getting marks or lumps with my Humalog 
even if I leave it in longer and the sites look OK although I have never 
actually looked at the site with a magnifying glass - LOL.

In general I think I do mine about twice a week and wonder if mine is 
rejected as John says.  How do you recognise this rejection?  You say in a 
separate paragraph that as time wears on the insulin is often less 
predictable and this is the point I was interested in finding out if 
happened to any one as at the moment I have been thinking that perhaps this 
is the reason for my poor control.  Also John I'm afraid I also sometimes 
forget to bolus - it is so easy to do this if your attention is caught up 
with something else.  I always remember before too long though.  I wondered 
if I had done this at lunch time today but was absolutely sure I had 
bolused.  I carefully checked and rechecked basals, also checked my maths 
for the insulin:carb and a very long time later looked at the bolus I had 
given.  I am ashamed to say that I had given 0.8 instead of 8!!  I had been 
rather low when I bolused and was surprised at what I had done.  But how 
useful to be able to do this.

I was also interested to see that you, John, bolused 4 and injected 5.  Why 
didn't you do it all  by one method?

Lastly, the depth of the infusion was interesting.  I do not know if it is 
possible to use a deeper infusion set with the Minimed 508.

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>>This is a naive and very silly question I know but here goes.  I
>>don't remember asking why we have to change the site every 2-3 days.
>>Would it cause problems if left in longer?
> Hi June -
> A cure for Type 1 diabetes *may* be around the corner, or it may not be. 
> We do not know. For that reason, we treat our diabetes on the assumption 
> we're going to be doing this for the rest of our life. Despite being made 
> of special stuff, the body does reject the infusion set eventually, as if 
> it's a splinter. Mine starts rejecting it at least on day 2.
> I'll be honest and say my abdomen is now looking a bit of a scarred mess 
> after 7 years of pumping. Previously, after 15 years of injections, it was 
> looking fine.
> I did once "pressure test" an infusion set (in my first year of pumping) 
> to see what happened. By day 6 it had become extremely yucky. I think 
> that's a good way to describe it. Please don't try this yourself at home 
> :-) If yours lasts longer - that's great news. But as time wears on, the 
> insulin is often absorbed less predictably from the wound you have made 
> with the infusion set.
> Oh, I did have more fun yesterday. My wife's still away - gets back 
> tonight. We had a light lunch - ravioli on toast. 4pm I checked my BG 
> (celebrating the fact I have a working BG meter again!). It was 19 mmol/L. 
> Oo. Errr. Checked infusion site - that looked fine. Checked pump - how 
> much insulin had I had with my lunch? Answer: nothing!!! I had completely 
> forgotten to bolus. How do I walk around my entire life attached to an 
> insulin pumping machine, and forget to bolus for a meal? Bolused 4 units, 
> and injected 5 units. It came down soon enough. Any more nonsense like 
> this, and the doctors may withdraw my right to have diabetes 8-/
> John
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