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Re: [IPk] testing basals, Rapids and high bg

In a message dated 1/30/2005 5:28:55 PM GMT Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

Any  ideas why the high hike in the bg???   I can't believe I estimated  the
carb content so wrong.

I agree with Pat - could be set failure (especially if any ketones at all).  
But I also think that it can be very difficult to judge carbs for meals out 
and  this really matters when you have a low carb/bolus ratio (i.e. you need 
 less insulin for the amount of carb ingested, you are more sensitive to insulin
and  have less leeway with dose). I have a similar ratio to you and find it 
very  difficult when eating out. The fear of going hypo when having a nice  
 evening out if we're gong to be walking/dancing after is real, and I tend to
less insulin and end up going high. I have  adjusted by minimising carbs when 
eating out, not difficult really unless you  adore pizza and other high carb 
food!  Had a wonderful Singaporean  meal recently with a lovely spicy fish 
soup and then a stirfry (asked for no  noodles, got loads of juicy prawns and 
 extra veg instead), no effect on bg. At home I weigh carby food - yes, I do
to - and don't have problems.
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