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Re: [IPk] Length for infusion site

the soreness is where the needle actually goes in, i think i am allergic to 
the sticky plaster but with that only comes itchiness and no soreness, 
although i am thinking that maybe the allergic reaction might have something 
to do with it. i use a d-tron plus and use rapid d infusion sets as the 
tender(the one with the tube) was even more painful. i seem to have a very 
low pain threshold, that also may be something to do with it! i have always 
had problems with my sites when i had just injected. before i was pumping, i 
used 60 units of lantus at night, which i injected in my bum, i always got a 
horrible stinging feeling as the insulin was going in, and it would stay 
just under the surface of my skin as lump that would take a few hours to 
sort itself out, so i tried going back to the really long needles and that 
sorted the problem of both the stinging and how well the insulin was 

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>Hi Frances,
>Is the soreness from where the needle goes in, or the sticking film?
>Whichever, how many sets have you tried?  The different types have
>different gunk (glue and antibacterials).  So you may find it better
>with something different.
>Best wishes,
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>Pat Reynolds
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