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[IPk] testing basals, Rapids and high bg

Need some advice!

I decided that I would skip brekkie today to test my basal rate.  At 6.30 am
it was 12.5, at 8am was 10.7, 9am - 9.0, 10am - 8.2, 11am - 8.2, 12pm - 9.4
and then before lunch at 1.45 - 9.9.

It was high overnight because at bedtime bg was 5.4 and i had a biscuit with
no bolus.  If I'd started off lower bg I suppose they would have all been that
much lower.

Anyway, went out for lunch and estimated my lunch to be about 60 grams (I go
on 10g for 1 unit Humalog.)  I bolused 3.5 and then 2.5 over half an hour as
there was a lot of meat.  Bg before lunch 9.9, 2 and half  hours later

I had a Rapid set in which was in less than 48 hours .

Any ideas why the high hike in the bg???   I can't believe I estimated the
carb content so wrong.

Donna C
D-tron Plus pumper 6 months.

PS I changed the set and have bolused 3 units to get the bg down, it is now an
hour later.
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