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[IPk] Help Needed

Hi All

 I have had high sugars over the past couple of days. I changed my set last
night. This morning I woke up feeling really poorly and thirsty. So much so that
I dare'nt touch our new baby in case I dropped her or something.

 I have now discovered that no insulin is being delivered by the tubing. I've
primed the set and it does the motions but provides no insulin. I've changed the
set adapter and everything and now the pump is giving indiscriminate doses,
though it does seem to be too little rather than too much. For instance, 2 units
of insulin would normally show three to four drops coming out of the tube. The
last time it showed about half a drop! Earlier it showed two.

 My blood sugar is currently running in the mid twenties and I have two pluses
of ketones. I'm injecting and drinking loads at the moment to try and flush out
the ketones. I have a spare pump, but am worried about activating it unless
absolutely necassary.

I use a D-Tron plus pump at the moment.


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