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Re: [IPk] Failed BG meter and bad set change

Well, that's thoroughly bizarre. I witnessed the seals being "cut 
open" on the boxes of my new Dex BG meter at the clinic. According to 
my chemist, the reason the batteries didn't work is not that they 
were flat, but they were the wrong batteries!!! And I'm inclined to 
agree. They are meant to have 2 wide slim batteries in them - Type 
CR2016. The meters I got had one thicker version - Type CR2032. See 
that quite a lot - bigger battery, double the voltage, fits in the 
same space as two smaller batteries. Except that the CR2016 is a 3V 
battery - so the meter in fact takes a 6V power supply. But the 
ticker version - CR2032 is only 3V, so the meters were only getting 
half their voltage. But everything is operational now - BG was 11.7 
so I'm back on the treadmill. Are we (am I?) really better off for 
fussing about our BGs umpteen times a day???

Reminds me of being in the signals troop of the army cadet force at 
school - lots of complex (oldish) equipment, and lots of leads. But 
if the lead fittted in the hole, that was where it was meant to go. 
Until  one day we got something wrong - a lead fitted in the wrong 
hole, and we ended up with with white smoke pouring out the back of 
some ancient radio equipment!

Oh, and the only health drama this morning was Nicholas (2 next week) 
knocking a cereal bowl of the table onto the laminate floor. Bowl 
smashed, and a shard cut my leg. Sadly my BG meter was not yet 
operational, so I couldn't do a BG test on it!

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