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Re: [IPk] Failed BG meter and bad set change

>I think between us, John and I have a fair collection of "what not to dos" :-)

Are we just casual enough about our diabetes to admit to doing all 
the silly things that I suspect a lot of people do, but keep quiet 
about?!?!?!? And Tony has made a qualified confession as well ;-)

You never miss a point to do you Di? You PhD was well earned. The 
batteries on my old meter decided to go flat at the same time, so I 
couldn't use them. I felt like I was trying to sort out those hellish 
problems on the computer networks I used to maintain... a problem 
never has 1 cause, but 3 independent causes that have all happened 
simultaneously!!! My father first drew this to my attention: he was 
chief engineer at Bristol City Docks, and the big swing bridge over 
Cumberland Basin would regularly breakdown half open/half closed, 
cutting off rushhour cars from the southwest into Bristol and boats 
as well. Never one cause: always several unrelated incidents.

Can you still get visual test strips? I seem to remember talk here of 
the BM ones being withdrawn...

And I was intrigued to read (in the IDDT magazine) that Human 
Ultratard has been totally withdrawn by Novo. And little complaint 
buy the sound of it. That was the insulin that gave me 5 years of 
random BG hell before my new consultant at Bristol said goodness we 
don't use that any more,  and put me onto Human Insulatard - which 
still gave me random BGs, but it was marginally less hellish.

Forgive me - it was not the Alps. You have to go south across the 
Rhine before you reach the Alps, but we can see them from here. Our 
high hills here are the Black Forest. A place called Staufen has some 
nice slopes - almost as good as the ones in the botanical gardens 
across the road from our house 8-/

And my problems are not yet resolved... I called in at the chemist 
last night to get those piffling over-the-counter batteries, but I 
was too early: the delivery hadn't arrived. I headed home to relieve 
our babysitter, and the chemist rang me 30 minutes later when the 
delivery had arrived, but our phone was unplugged! It all happens 
here, I tell you...

I was actually on the way back from my MRI scan - results can be seen 
at http://www.webshowcase.net/tumour/scans/20050128/ Off to the brain 
clinic on Monday morning for another bout of poisoning.

Ever onwards.

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