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[IPk] Failed BG meter and bad set change

Please don't let ANYONE do what I've done. Oh the shame of it. Two 
nights ago, just before my evening meal, I went to check my BG, and 
my meter failed. It was a mechanical problem. I use a Dex2/Esprit, 
and it has a disk inside it with 10 test strips, and when I slid the 
slider, it refused to spit out the next strip. A small shard of 
plastic had dropped out last week, but the meter carried on working, 
so thought nothing of it. Now I was stuck. I have a spare meter 
(Lifescan OneTouch) but no stips for it! I had some visual strips 
(expiry 1999) - but when I used one, the upper colour said very high 
BG, the lower colour said very low BG. So I sailed blind through the 
night, and nipped in to my local diabetes clinic the next morning, 
where they have cupboards of meters they will hand out on spec (the 
companies make their money selling the strips, not the meters btw). 
The clinic kindly gave me 2 meters, so I would then have a backup for 
next time. They even checked that the meters had batteries inside 
them. I got home, set the meter up, and found the batteries were 
flat!!! Just then the phone rang - some friends were off taboganning 
for the afternoon, and did we want to join them? When were they 
going? In about half an hour. That didn't give me time to get some 
new batteries. So I went blind all yesterday as well - taboganning in 
the foothills of the Alps with my 2 sons. But we had a great time. 
This morning I went to my local chemist to get some batteries - they 
had none, but they will order some and have them in by 6pm tonight. 
So I'll have gone 48hrs with no BG testing. Naughty naughty.

And this morning I had to do a set change. For the first time in 7 
years of pumping I did the change, reconnected, bolussed for my 
breakfast, and 5 minutes later realised everything was NOT OK. There 
was a deep firm swelling building up under the infusion site. I 
whipped out the set and quite a lot of blood poured out of the hole. 
I guess I had averted a bad infusion site. Put another set in 
elsewhere, and everything is fine.

But I don't yet know what my BG is 8-/

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