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[IPk] Re: pump interferences

MRI involves strong magnetic fields - strong magnetic fields would
create havoc with any electronic devices, like a pump, and also with
things containing metal - people with metallic implants of any sort
generally should also not go near an MRI. I don't know what exactly
magnetic therapy is, but I imagine it may use magnets strong enough to
affect a pump.
X-rays are not MRI, though both generate images, medical x-rays do not
involve a strong magnetic field, and there is no reason why x-rays
should affect a pump, though I would make sure that a pump is not in
the field of view of x-rays (regular planar x-rays or CT) since if the
pump is in the field of view of an x-ray machine some parts of it might
show up on the images, and obscure good visualization of whatever body
part is being imaged.
I don't know what an "electronic pain zapper" really does - but I guess
it is good that there is sufficient awareness of pumps for a
manufacturer to mention specifically to recommend against using this
device with a pump. 
Nanette (medical physicist working in medical imaging)
> Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 20:34:12 -0000
> From: "Michele Couzens-Eason" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] pump interferences
> Hi everyone,
> I recently saw in a brochure listing magnet therapy that it warned
> people not
> to use magnets if they used a pump or had a pacemaker.
> Then my husband suffering backache this weekend found some relief by
> someone
> using a 'pain gone' electronic device which 'zaps' painful areas, and
> he said
> this too recommended against using with a pump.
> This brought me to wonder about other things which might interfere
> with a
> pump's action.
> I know x-rays are not a good idea, yet I understand we can pass
> through
> airport security without any problems. (I hope so as I shall be going
> abroad
> this year). Does anybody have some kind of list of things we must
> watch out
> for? I do worry that I already take my pump for granted, and was
> apprehensive
> about even travelling in an ambulance with my daughter this week when
> she was
> rushed to hospital and I saw all this equipment in the back and
> didn't know
> what sort of 'waves' they emitted!
> Please put my mind at rest,
> Michele

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