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[IPk] No overnight insulin

Well, I'm a sweet chap this morning. My wife's away for the week with 
work. I was woken at 2am by my one-year-old son Nicholas having a 
good-old scream. I got up to kiss and cuddle him back to sleep. But 
he was having none of it. Left my pump in my bed, and took him 
downstairs to give him some milk. Eventually he went back to sleep, 
and I collapsed back in my bed. 6am - you've guessed it - I found I'd 
forgotten to reconnect my pump. I bolussed 4 units for good measure, 
and got up properly at 7:30am. Felt a bit groggy, but I was surprised 
to find my BG was "only" 11.4. Not ideal, but for a night without 
insulin I was surprised.

Let me archive my basal rates here again:
00:00 0.6
04:00 0.9
07:00 0.7
13:00 0.6
14:00 0.4
16:00 0.5
17:00 0.7
18:00 0.9
21:00 0.6
22:00 0.7

0.6+0.6+0.9+0.9=3.0. So bolussing 4.0 was a little too much, but I 
seem to have survived OK. And I'm not convinced my overnight rates 
are correct in any case, but I'm too lazy to deal with it. No doubt 
it will crash catastrophically later in the morning ;-)

(We've had heavy snow here in Freiburg for the last 2 days, so our 
winter-wonderland has finally arrived.)
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