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[IPk] Guardian RT

Hi all,
 Today, Tuesday 25th Jan I came off the machine, thereby completing the 10 day
 My feelings about the machine haven't changed. Readings not very easy to follow
if you don't finger test. Remember, I was doing 11 finger tests in 24 hours.
 The results were almost perfect. The machine is hooked to a computer at the
hospital (B'mouth). The information is then interpreted by the software where
upon a printout is produced. It takes a trained eye to follow the resulting
graph. Any long term diabetic, who takes interest in their case, could read the
 During the trial I needed to reset my basal rates twice, this based on my
finger tests. I have reduced the bolus amounts, too. This is a normal swing for
many patients, whether on MDI or pump.
 Over 10 days I had 6 results between 11.1 and 13 and of course others that were
between 3 and 5.6. The majority were between 5.6 and 8. These were the machine
reading. Remember, a result was saved on the machine every 5 minutes, 24/7.
 I was pleased to have taken part in the trial and would certainly participate
on any other trials, if asked.
 I submitted very bolus and carbo eating/drunk, with timings AND all my finger
tests. They were in Excel, but they were also entered into the machine, too.
D T1 45 years. pumper almost 1 year
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