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Re: [IPk] rowing...again

>Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with another exercise
>sort of question. I am training really hard at the moment in a good
>boat and as part of this, one of our training sessions is a 'crazy
>ergometer'(!) where we do not very long (3mins) of high intensity,
>high rating, then have 3 mins off then 3 mins on etc... When I first
>started doing high rating stuff about 80% of the time I was going
>hypo within the first 5mins with the only symptom being shakiness.
>I've now sorted out a combined insulin/eating solution to the
>problem of going hypo but whenever I do high ratings I feel hypo
>4-5mins into the workout (even though I'm not). This really messes
>me up as I convince myself that I must be hypo and try to keep going
>but not pulling as hard but then my splits increase so I think I
>really really must be hypo. Frustratingly when I stop having got
>rubbish scores I find that my BG is perfect (possibly even more
>frustrating that it actually being low!). I'm fairly sure that it
>isn't a case of my BG from blood in my finger being different from
>my venous BG as I am still in normal range 30mins later. Any tips
>would be much appreciated! but maybe it's just a matter of practice
>and convincing myself! Sarah DM1 8y, 508 2y, rowing 1y

Are you describing the hypo symptoms associated with a rapidly 
falling BG, rather than a low BG? Never experienced it myself, but I 
was educated to hear others here describe it - BG falling rapidly 
from say 10 - 6 making you feel "funny" and thinking you are hypo. 
Fixed by taking some glucose tablets which rapidly stops the fall. 
The person without diabetes stops making insulin, and possibly makes 
glucagon, which stops the fall, but we are in a heavily compromised 

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