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Re: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring and other things

Hi John
I've been considering this too - at least, taking a bit of a break from my 
pump - but the one thing that put me off was when I spent the 24 hours off my 
pump, and realised what a pain it was to maintain good control without the 
ability to just press a button to take correction boluses or suspend my 
insulin (which I probably do several times a day, on average). It was lovely 
to be detached for a day though!

> Incidently, after reading Abilgail's account of voluntarily going back 
> to injections <http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/backtoinjections>, I'm 
> wondering whether to give it a try as well. I know I was a 
> seize-this-off-my-dead-body person after I started pumping, but I'm 
> wondering whether I might save myself the hassle of carrying this 
> wretched box around with me 24-hours a day. Please don't throw me off 
> this group for saying this ;-) I have no trouble giving myself 
> injections - in fact, I give myself 2 injections a week of mistletoe 
> extract, reputed to prevent brain tumour regrowth. It may be a month or 
> so till I can arrange this, but I'm chewing it over.
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