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Re: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring and other things

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From: "John Neale" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, January 24, 2005 9:37 AM
Subject: Re: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring and other things

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> June wrote:
>>Is this using the Glukowatch?  I didn't think to ask them if I could
>>use one of these again.  I did mention the Guardian but the nurse
>>did not seem impressed.

I found the Glukowatch caused skin irritation but I did like the immediate 
> Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is Medtronic-MiniMed's continuous 
> glucose monitor.

I tried this straight after the Glukowatch when they were both being 
trialled at my hospital.  I did not realise this is what it is called and 
the reason I did not ask the nurse for this is that I like to sort my own 
insulin out rather than have her do it for me.

>It doesn't actually measure your blood glucose, but the glucose in your > 
>interstitial fluid - that's the silly posh name for the water that sloshes 
>around your body between your fat cells. Your blood glucose level can be 
>estimated from your interstitial glucose level.

I had not realised this.

The Guardian - that
> does give a continuous reading - seems to be the successor to the CGMS I 
> used. I'm guessing that corners will probably have been cut so it can do 
> this. I'm waiting cautiously to see what people's opinions are of it!

So am I.  But what are the chances of getting one on the NHS.  I would be 
prepared to buy one but, being retired, do not think I could afford to buy 
the accessories.
> Anyone here had good experiences of the Glucowatch? It hit the world two 
> years ago, but has since passed off the radar screen. Is it because it is 
> home use that hospitals don't push it so hard?

I think they are not pressing it simply because patients reports on it were 
so bad regarding irritation.

I got
> the impression it worked well for some people, but very badly for others.
I am very sorry to hear about your brain tumours and the regrowths.  This 
must be very distressing and have quite an effect on your insulin control. 
Best of wishes for next week.
I know I was a
> seize-this-off-my-dead-body person after I started pumping, but I'm 
> wondering whether I might save myself the hassle of carrying this wretched 
> box around with me 24-hours a day.

I feel like this again this morning.  I really don't want to stop using the 
pump.  I love it when it works properly.  However, I had another night where 
it stopped working prior to going to bed.  I used a syringe and checked it 
was coming down but the dawn phenomenen occurred and when I woke up it was 
sky high again.  A new insert seems to be working at the moment but this is 
happening so often I really wonder why I am still using it.  The one I had 
to return for a new battery case did not have the problems I am having with 
the temporary pumps.


Please don't throw me off
> this group for saying this ;-) I have no trouble giving myself 
> injections - in fact, I give myself 2 injections a week of mistletoe 
> extract, reputed to prevent brain tumour regrowth. It may be a month or so 
> till I can arrange this, but I'm chewing it over.
> John
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