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Re: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring and other things

June wrote:
>Is this using the Glukowatch?  I didn't think to ask them if I could
>use one of these again.  I did mention the Guardian but the nurse
>did not seem impressed.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is Medtronic-MiniMed's 
continuous glucose monitor. They stick a sensor under your skin - 
much like an infusion set - and that connects to a little box. It's 
like wearing an extra insulin pump. This one runs for "up to" 3 days, 
then they (your clinic) download the data, process it on a PC, and 
get a rough guide to your BG levels. It needs processing, so you 
can't get a live reading out of the box. It doesn't actually measure 
your blood glucose, but the glucose in your interstitial fluid - 
that's the silly posh name for the water that sloshes around your 
body between your fat cells. Your blood glucose level can be 
estimated from your interstitial glucose level. The Guardian - that 
does give a continuous reading - seems to be the successor to the 
CGMS I used. I'm guessing that corners will probably have been cut so 
it can do this. I'm waiting cautiously to see what people's opinions 
are of it!

I used a CGMS in April 2004, and they tweaked my basal rates a bit, 
and seemed to work quite well for a while.

Anyone here had good experiences of the Glucowatch? It hit the world 
two years ago, but has since passed off the radar screen. Is it 
because it is home use that hospitals don't push it so hard? I got 
the impression it worked well for some people, but very badly for 

My other "issue" is that I had a nasty brain tumour two-and-a-half 
years ago, nearly died, and was chopped open across my scalp to 
remove it. Since then I've had 2 tumour regrowths which have been 
treated with chemotherapy. I had a regrowth spotted last October, and 
I am having poisonous chemicals poured into me every 3 months. Back 
in hospital next week for another session.

Aisling wrote:
>>  Have you ever considered that erratic insulin absorption can be a
>>sign of  > lipodystrophy - that skin damage at injection sites
>>might not always be manifest with visible indentations or bumps -
>>but that unpredicatable insulin absortption
>>  can be another sign of it?

I've never thought of lipodystrophy. I'm seeing my diabetes clinic in 
3 weeks time. I'll discuss it all with them then. I've tended to 
think that as the fat around my stomach is fairly flat, there 
wouldn't be any problems. But who knows?

Incidently, after reading Abilgail's account of voluntarily going 
back to injections 
<http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/backtoinjections>, I'm wondering 
whether to give it a try as well. I know I was a 
seize-this-off-my-dead-body person after I started pumping, but I'm 
wondering whether I might save myself the hassle of carrying this 
wretched box around with me 24-hours a day. Please don't throw me off 
this group for saying this ;-) I have no trouble giving myself 
injections - in fact, I give myself 2 injections a week of mistletoe 
extract, reputed to prevent brain tumour regrowth. It may be a month 
or so till I can arrange this, but I'm chewing it over.

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