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Re: [IPk] pump interferences

>I know x-rays are not a good idea, yet I understand we can pass through
>airport security without any problems. (I hope so as I shall be going abroad
>this year). Does anybody have some kind of list of things we must watch out
>for? I do worry that I already take my pump for granted, and was apprehensive
>about even travelling in an ambulance with my daughter this week when she was
>rushed to hospital and I saw all this equipment in the back and didn't know
>what sort of 'waves' they emitted!
>Please put my mind at rest,

Michele -

I have no list, but I have suffered catastrophic failure of my pump: 
it happened just after I was rushed into hospital and put in an MRI 
scanner (=enormous magnetic waves. Harmless to humans, but blows up 
electric circuitry). The pump went splat (as did I nearly, but that 
was the result of a brain tumour!). Nothing to be seen on screen. No 
sign of life in the pump. The pump was repaired - but I don't know 
who paid: MiniMed as part of their general maintenance? My health 
insurers? Or the hospital as the pump should never have gone in the 
machine in the first place? My own concern at the time was the saving 
of my life, and the hospital preferred to put me back on injections, 
so I left it all in their hands.

I have MRI scans now every 3 months, and have since seen notices on 
the door: tell staff if you wear a pacemaker or insulin pump. I leave 
the pump in the anti-room.

Pumps are designed to be used the real world. If your watch will 
survive, your pump should survive as well. Being put through a 
scanner in hospital is an unusual situation. I'd be surprised if 
sitting in an ambulance exposed you to dangerous conditions.

Just my thoughts :-)

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