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Re: [IPk] Unexpected glucose rise

> i have been on my pump for two days, and so far most times that i eat, i 
> give more insulin than i need for the food im eating but my levels have 
> been rising far too high 2 hours after my food. there are no air bubbles 
> or anything wrong with the pump. i have been giving myself 1 unit for 
> every 10g of carbohydrate and im now going to try 1 unit for every 8g, im 
> hoping that this will sort it out, but if it doesnt, what do you think it 
> may be?

This is what I have done recently.  The nurse laughed at me 1.5 years ago 
when I said I wanted to use 1:8 and said this is what pregnant women use! 
This made me scared to ask for a lower ratio.  Recently we have broached 
this again.  I pointed out to her a graph on a web site, I can find it again 
if you want it, which shows the number of people in America who use each 
ratio - and they range from 1:40!  I am now on 1:7 but still sorting out the 
evening meal like you and this may be different from the other two.  I was 
told to first check that it isn't that  I need a bigger basal at this time. 
To do this I am fasting for the meal and seeing the results (hourly) using 
just basal, no food and no bolus.  It is very interesting.  I have never 
taken all this interest until I found this site and I am determined that I 
am going to get this sorted out properly so I can miss a meal or have it at 
a different time and be safe from problems.

i am > on the disetronic plus and using the rapid d8 insert, is it normal to 
be have a stinging sensation when you bolus?

I can't comment on your disetronic as I use the Minimed 508 but I certainly 
don't have a stinging sensation when I bolus.  In fact I can't feel it at 
The reasons why bgs shoot up vary enormously.  The obvious ones to check are 
for bubbles in the tube, oncoming infections, etc.

As I said in another message, to make sure it was not air bubbles I used a 
syringe but still had difficulty in getting the bg down.

  You might find  it helpful to write them down as a list so you can 
reassure yourself that you haven't forgotten anything.

Thanks for this idea.  I had gone through everything I could think about and 
was hoping some with different experience might offer something different 
regarding baked beans, constipation or digestion.

>>If there is no obvious cause, I would be tempted to suspect the beans.  I 
>>find they send me higher than they 'should' - I blame the high protein 
So I'm not alone with this.  I expected them to make me not feel hungry.  I 
eat Weetabix for breakfast for this reason but it does not leave me with a 
high bg.

>>Why not try again and see if you get the same results (i.e. fast over
>>lunch, have beans for tea)?  If you do, then you know to bolus extra for
>>beans in this circumstance.

Good idea.
>>But it may just be 'one of those things' - don't beat yourself up for
>>such odd highs occasionally.
I'm not getting worked up about it, just want to get things as organised as 
I can and came up with this problem.

>>Best wishes,

Thanks and Best wishes to you too.

T1 43 years, pump almost 2 years 
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