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Re: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring and other things

HI Aisling

> Nanette mentioned injections. I still use injections quite a lot.
> Injected Humalog hits me faster than bolused Humalog.

I also mentioned injections in my message headed 'Unsuspected Glucose Rise'. 
The reason that I used it was that I wondered if the pump had a bubble, was 
blocked at site entrance or whether the pump had gone wrong.  I have been 
taught to do this whenever I am high, bolus more with the pump and nothing 
happens by 1 hour later.  Here, as I said, it made little difference until I 
had put in an extra 4 with the syringe.

> I'm certainly getting odd BGs at the moment. I know I have other
> health issues on the go which certainly won't be helping,

Me too

 but I may > ask my clinic for another CGMS.

Is this using the Glukowatch?  I didn't think to ask them if I could use one 
of these again.  I did mention the Guardian but the nurse did not seem 


Your reply here also seems relevant to my message

> Hi John
> Have you ever considered that erratic insulin absorption can be a sign of 
>  > lipodystrophy - that skin damage at injection sites might not always be 
> manifest with visible indentations or bumps - but that unpredicatable 
> insulin absortption
> can be another sign of it?

I had also thought of this and had changed my site from my stomach to the 
top of my leg which I have not used before.

> .. (sorry - I realise I'm on my rant for the day but this problem is 
> rarely if > ever spoken about and I feel strongly about it!).

Don't apologise.  It's all interesting information.

T1 43 years, pump almost 2 years
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