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Re: [IPk] Unexpected glucose rise

Hi June,
Had you just (or recently) changed your insert (which ever type you  use.  
All called by different names)????
I nearly always have higher Bgs after changing my Disetronic D8  insert.  
This goes on for around 8 hours or so.. Most times my Bg  increases, 
occasionally, it runs lower.
It could be that you are absorbing carbo much faster than most  people?  I 
have this problem.  I digest foods in around 1 hour, not  the usual 4 or 5 
 hours. If I don't eat much carbo I'm fine, but eat normally and my Bg shoots up
for a couple of hours.
D T1 45yrs Dtron+ pumper almost 1 yr (and  counting)
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