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[IPk] Unexpected glucose rise

I do hope someone can explain why my blood sugar went up a lot yesterday 
evening.  Can anyone suggest where I went wrong.

Breakfast was fine and bgs OK.  I tried a fast at lunch to try to find out 
if I needed more basal or another ratio for bolus.  Everything went well and 
I can clearly see that I need more basal from midday to 7.00 pm.  I gave a 
correction basal with my 8.00 pm test.

Now the nitty gritty problem.  I have gastro paresis and get constipated for 
weeks on end even when taking small amounts of medicine to improve this.  It 
often ends in diarrhoea (sp) which I do my best to avoid.  I had baked beans 
to try to help the matter with my evening meal and I expect these take 
longer to be absorb.  I worked my insulin out using my new ratio which I 
thought was working and my bgs continued to go up and up.  I thought about 
pump problems and gave humalog correction doses of 2 units with a syringe at 
11.00 pm - still going up so 2 more with syringe at 2.00 am.  It started 
coming down by 3.00 am and I continued testing 2 hourly and it was perfect 
coming down to normal again this morning.  Panic over.  But what went wrong. 
Was it the baked beans? or another thought I have had is my digestion.  I 
know it takes time with gastro paresis for food to go through but I don't 
usually need so much extra insulin for it.

I mentioned the constipation and I did begin to have decent bowel movements 
during the evening.  Does any one know if when this happens possibly the 
glucose is not absorbed properly.  I would have though glucose was absorbed 
much earlier in a food cycle.  This may not sound very important to you but 
with the problems I have been having recently I am afraid to let things get 
out of hand.  Only yesterday the nurse said I could continue on my own 
without her help and I have always been able to do this, as I did last 
night, but I want to know why this incredible rise.

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