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Re: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring and other things

For a slow
> digesting meal, I might take more insulin a few hours later. Bolussing 
> insulin - even Humalog - works in me slow enough that I don't need to 
> worry too much about the rate the insulin is going in.

I must admit, I tend to do that too (bolus a couple of hours later). Mainly 
because I can never predict what will happen.
Occasionally I do use it when I know I'm not going to eat more later. The only 
snag with taking more insulin later is that I tend to forget! With a square 
wave it's all done.

> In fact, my own reaction to pizza is that it does such silly things to 
> my BG that I don't eat it often. That's my choice. Similar with pasta, 
> except that if I make sure it is really well boiled (ie not al dente), 
> my BGs seem a little more predictable.

I'm the same with pizza. I can sometimes get absolutely perfect results after 
pizza, just with a normal bolus.
And sometimes my BG goes mad. So I rarely eat it. I don't like well done 
pasta, but I don't really have a problem with pasta. Chinese usually needs 
more insulin later. Indian sometimes does and sometimes doesn't. My reaction 
to food tends to be based I think on what my BGs have been like during the 
day, how much exercise I've done etc, as much as anything else.

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