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Re: [IPk] sqaure wave

Thanks Marion
He's at the itchy stage now, but he's had a bad dose, he's had them in his  
 eyes, on his lips everywhere, it's made him very grumpy and miserable but as I
said we've kept his blood suagrs under control I've had to double his insulin 
:  carb ratio, looking at his daily totals he's needed alot more insulin to 
get  through this week, I'm sure without the pump he would of ended up in 
hospital  with ketones making it even worse for us all.
You don't hear of many children getting mumps now, I hope Alex doesn't get  
When I read Di's reply to sq wave I remembered we used it when he went to a  
party when it was a show, the mum had made the children a bag of goodies each  
which I had before the party, I worked out the carbs when I dropped him off I 
 started the sq wave going for the amt of carbs and the length of the show so 
he  didn't have to keep bolusing (I'd checked with Ryan beforehand what he 
was going  to eat, and siad he must eat it if I had given him th insulin) it 
 worked perfectly! So for once Ryan wasn't sat there with a bag of crisps whilst
the  others were eating goodies.
 Denise mum to Ryan age 8 dxd @ 9mnths old pumping since Dec  2003
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