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RE: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Hi Di,

I must ask, what does YMMV mean?


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Hi Marion
What you describe is known as a "dual bolus". Yes, often a dual bolus in

that situation is just as good (or better) than a square wave. In most 
cases it probably doesn't make much difference if you use a dual or 
square wave, unless you want to square over a long period of time.  A 
square wave can also be quite handy for a grazing kind of meal such as 
at a party, where you eat a little over maybe several hours. Obviously 
you'd have to know roughly how much you're planning to eat, for that to 
work, but I've done it on a few occasions, to save taking lots of small 
boluses. It does take a bit of trial and error to get this kind of thing

right, and to know if you need to use it or not. Some people never 
bother, others swear by them.  I find that if my body typically reacts 
by going low and then high after a meal, or if it just goes high some 
hours later, then a square or dual is best for me. I tend to split it 
about half and half, over 2-3 hours, but YMMV.

> Thanks Di,
> Does this work better than say taking 2 units then doing a bolus some
> hours later for another 2.  Alex has a big problem with pizza which
> affect 6-8 hours after she has eaten.  I take it that the square wave
> would be good here?  I had heard that this option was available
> quite know the term).  Does it take a while to gauge how your body
> reacts and if a two staged bolus is better?
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