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RE: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Thanks Di,

Does this work better than say taking 2 units then doing a bolus some
hours later for another 2.  Alex has a big problem with pizza which can
affect 6-8 hours after she has eaten.  I take it that the square wave
would be good here?  I had heard that this option was available (didn't
quite know the term).  Does it take a while to gauge how your body
reacts and if a two staged bolus is better?


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Hi Marion
A "square" or "square wave" bolus is when you take your bolus over a
period of 
time. Usually you take some proportion of it immediately, and then the
over say 2 hours. You might do this when you want to slow down the
action of 
the insulin to match a food which is slow to make your BG rise, e.g. a
with a lot of fat in, or perhaps something like lentils. So instead of
4 units as a normal bolus, you might take 2 units immediately, and then
remaining 2 over the next 2 hours. There's a feature on most pumps to
you to do this automatically (and to decide on the proportions and the
of time).

Marion Malik wrote:
> Hi Pat,
> Can I ask, what is a square bolus?
> Marion 
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