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[IPk] Re: going back to injections, and ketones for the brain??

Hi Pat

I'm not an Atkins devotee, so feel unable to comment very much on that. 

Bernstein is not calorie counted.  His plan is aimed at T1 D on injections, 
so there is a certain amount of invariability which I ignore.  He suggests 
you find the amount of protein that is right for you at breakfast, lunch and 
dinner, and have that same amount of protein each day.  He says you should 
limit breakfast to 6g CHO (plus your chosen amount of protein), and 12g each 
at lunch and dinner.  The fat comes along with it, rather than added in 
deliberately as appears to be the case with Atkins.  So a typical breakfast 
might be 2 boiled eggs and a Ryvita, lunch a tuna salad (4 oz tuna) with 
mayo and avocado, and dinner might be a pork chop with lots of veg and 
unthickened gravy plus a pot of natural yogurt sweetened with carb-free 
syrup or carb-free jelly crystals.  You can also have snacks of up to 6g CHO 
if you feel hungry. 

So what I'm saying is that its not a HIGH protein diet - the amounts of 
protein are quite moderate.  But since it has much less carb than a 
non-carb-restricted diet, the protein provides proportionately more 
calories.  If a normal diet's calories are, say 60:30:10 carb:protein:fat, 
and Bernstein's ratios are, say 10:60:30 then the protein is proportionately 

When I'm on the wagon, my BGs are normally utterly predictable on this 
regime, with a normal range between 4 and 6, and that includes after meals.  
When I'm trying to shake off a post-Christmas desire for pizza and 
chocolate, I'm back to bouncing between 12 and 3. 

Why not have a look at www.diabetes-normalsugars.com 



Pat Reynolds writes: 

> Are you saying that Atkins is high calorie, or that Bernstein is low
> calorie?   
> Or, if both are moderate-calorie, what are the proportions?
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