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RE: [IPk] Re: going back to injections, and ketones for the brain??

Hi Lesley

Last night I flicked back through some of my Uni notes on Cell Biology and
read that some cells are incapable of absorbing Ketones without the presence
of Carbs (some brain cells and red blood cells) Unfortunately I can't
remember the lecturer's name (possibly Monotard induced hypo brain damage or
blocking things I don't want to remember - I never got on with her!) now I
am not saying that this is definitively correct - can someone confirm or
discredit this please???


>As for the brain prefering ketones, I can't find where I read this, so I
>can't dispute what you say...

>It's worth pointing out that low carb diets like Bernstein and even Atkins
>are low, not no, carb.
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