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Re: [IPk] going back to injections

> Is it best to go back to Insulatard in an emergency? Glad it worked for 
> you, but I feel I might be happier taking Pork Actrapid every 3 or 4 
> hours as an overnight basal. It's an insulin I've been happy with in the 
> past - with a regular release, not too much peak etc. Having said that, 
> I have precisely zero in stock, so I'm a fine one to talk!
> John

I debated this long and hard (in my slightly stressed out state at 11pm). I 
was on the phone to my boyfriend at the time when I pulled out the infusion 
set, and I even discussed it with him. The problem is that I have no Actrapid. 
I haven't used it for over 10 years. And I'm very reluctant to use more than 1 
unit or so of Humalog at a time, which would mean injecitng every hour through 
the night, because Humalog works very fast in me, and I reckon I'd be hypo 
within about 15 minutes of taking 1 unit, even with no background insulin.
Insulatard always worked a bit randomly in me, but just to be contrary, the 
one night I took Insulatard, I had perfect BGs all night (in the 6s). Last 
night I was back on the pump, and I went to bed with a BG of 7 and woke up 
this morning with a BG of 16!
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