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Re: [IPk] Re: going back to injections, and ketones for the brain??

Hi Nanette

Nanette Chana Freedman wrote:
> Di,
> I'm happy to hear that you are alright despite having to briefly go
> back to injections. I have been pumping for over 7 years, and not given
> myself one injection during that time. I have also had some narrow
> scrapes with consumables, but so far, it has always worked out ok - I'm
> pretty paranoid about having supplies available, hoard them like a
> squirrel.

I'm glad it's not just me then. It was very weird giving myself injections! 
Most of the syringes I had lying around the house were so old that all the 
markings had worn off! I really should get some more I suppose!
I'm normally very paranoid about having plenty of supplies. I have an 
emergency kit at my boyfriend's in Bristol, with one of everything in, and one 
at home, as well as one with my dance kit that I take to competitions, and in 
summer, one in my softball kit bag. But somehow they all seem to have run out 
of infusion sets in the kits, apart from the one in Bristol (which wasn't much 
help when I'm in Sheffield!)

> I not only do not have a real backup plan, but wonder if I remember how
> to inject - I only ever gave myself about 5 injections with a syringe,
> then used a pen (that I hope I would remember how to use in case of
> need, and hope the cartridges still fit) for about 10 months before
> starting pumping. If my new Cozmo pump proves as reliable as the
> Disetronic pumps I have had till now, hopefully I should never need to
> worry about injecting.

I've never had a problem with my pump that necessitated taking a single 
injection. I once managed to go away for the weekend, took a spare bottle of 
insulin, but no spare reservoir, and because it was a new bottle of insulin, I 
hadn't stored a reservoir needle in the insulin box like I normally do. So I 
had no needle to refill the reservoir with! After taking an injection to tide 
me over, I discovered that my boyfriend had a needle in his medical kit which 
fitted the reservoir, so the problem was solved.

> As someone who has been totally unsuccessful in sticking to a very low
> carb diet for any length of time (and believe me, I've tried, with good
> results for BG control, but no reduction in wish to eat carbs) the
> question is interesting, but academic!
> Nanette

Exactly the same goes for me. Great results but I can't stick to it, 
especially when away from home. Although it's made me a bit more carb-aware, 
and I think I generally eat fewer carbs as a result. It's also given me ideas 
for things to eat when my BG's high but I need to eat something....
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