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RE: [IPk] Pump - good and bad

Hi Pat

Sorry for being controversial - you were one of the few people who spurred
me on to get a pump in the face of adversity! I was initially concerned
about the amount of extra work and hassle the pump would bring - but in
reality either it wasn't as bad as I thought or my improved control made it
easy to absorb the extra work/hassle!

>The remote is very ineffective - a friend who designs car fobs says that
>the minimed one is about what you'ld expect for a late 80s escort.....

It works for me may be its different with the Paradigm? I don't know much
about the technology involved but if as you say its "about what you'd expect
for a late 80s escort" at least its proven technology!

>>>Bad: Some people get inflammation from the glue and/or antibacterial

>>   Upside: Not really one for this one - but in the few this happens a
>>solution can usually be found which can be quite easy.

>Wish someone could find a solution for me!

I did say "usually". I had a problem with the adhesive but it was fixed by
using IV prep on the site first - it also had the advantage that the
adhesive almost welds the set to me! I guess you have found a
solution/compromise of sorts otherwise you wouldn't still be pumping????

>>>Bad: Some people find the service from a pump company is lower than they
>>>would find acceptable from a car hire company - but whereas with a car
>>>hire company you can write an irate letter, and avoid them in future,
>>>you are basically stuck with the company concerned. [Effect and Cause]

>>  Upside: whilst you can't control the service you get from the pump
>>manufacturer (and mine has been better than I expected) I feel much more
>>control of my Diabetes.

>But would you really re-hire a car from an agency where you felt the'yd
>compromised your safety?

No I wouldn't - but I don't feel like that - my control on the pump has been
far better than on MDI where I did feel my safety was frequently

>>>Bad: one has to carry around spare insulin, sets, etc. etc. - about 5
>>>times as much kit as with a pen or syringe.

>>   Upside: As long as I am within a reasonable distance of home - I don't
>>bother with a spare infusion set - no need to carry insulin pens and
>>on a day trip out.

>I think that's playing with fire: what do you do on your days out when
>your bgs go up and stay out of range - or perhaps your definition of a
>day out is different to mine?

On two occasions in my initial months of pumping I did have two problems
where my BG went up - these were immediately after set changes - immediately
after a set change I am more conservative in what I do and tend to be more
liberal in the precautions I take. Having said that I have had problems on
MDI as well - dropped a pen down a public toilet, suffered with a Lantus pen
which locked, a Novopen which bent and countless needles which snapped - so
to take the same precautions with MDI would require a fair amount of kit to
be carried around as well. Obviously if I am away from home for a while or
on holiday the amount of spares I carry increases in proportion to the time
/ distance away from home. Yes unfortunately I am a risk taker and sometimes
come unstuck - but so far (touch wood) not with CSII.

>There are also the people who go on two weeks holiday with no spare
>batteries .... I don't know how they can sleep at night!

You'll be pleased to know I do take spare batteries on holiday even though
"AAA" batteries are fairly easy to get hold of!

>A child would, I think, not be allowed to walk home from school with a
>high, and injecting every hour would be a problem ... so they'd need to
>have the full kit with them.

I am sure a place could be found at school where spare kit could be kept - I
always had a spare pack of syringes and insulin at school - surely the odd
infusion set / reservoir/ battery and insulin wouldn't be any more of a
problem for a school?

Best regards
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