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Re: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring


I have found this ratio talk very interesting and I feel much better about 
the nurse suggesting I make the changes in basal to avoid the extra at 

I wish I had found this conference 21 months ago.  I have until this recent 
episode been doing much of what is said here and have been congratulated on 
the results I have been getting but they could have been so much better if I 
had had someone to bounce ideas off.

At the moment I am doing as I am told and making suggestions but things will 
be much easier in the future.  Yesterday, I did actually fast, but more 
because I did not feel like having breakfast and it crossed my mind that I 
could see what was happening more clearly.  I think it is an excellent idea 
to try this more.  Thanks everyone.

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>>I wonder if some people use a different
>>ratio at different times of the day.  I see no reason why this should not 
>>Ok.  If I went back to 1:8 for the evening meal I might solve my problem.
> People do indeed use different rates at different times of day.
> Mornings, I'm very resistant, and use 1:8, lunchtime 1:10, and evenings
> 1:10, but with 30% taken as a square bolus.
> The rule is: if it works for you, it works.
> Best wishes,
> Pat
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