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Re: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Hi June,
Yes, change your ratio for a bolas as you feel fit.  I started  on a 1:1 
 basis, or 100% for a bolas. This has increased to 215%, or 2.15 per 10 carbos,
again I'm talking bolas.
To ensure your basal is correct have fasting periods on different  days.  
 Nothing to eat from 9pm till 1pm the following day. Repeat the same, this time
starting after breakfast until say 6pm.  Your basal rate  should keep you 
steady.  Remember to do this on a normal day (normal for  you that is).  
Just alter one factor at a time, not basal AND bolas as things can  get out 
of sink, if you get my drift.
My body has recently decided to have a change.  I now only  require a 100% 
bolus.  Yesterday AND today I didn't need any bolus at all  between breakfast 
and 6pm.  Yes, I did have a meal each day, too!  
I recently reduced my basal rate.  It looks like that will  need tweaking 
Diabetes Type 1 never seems to stay constant for long.  At  least I haven't 
injected a long acting insulin, for if I had I'd be hypo all  day.
Pumps do allow a much finer adjustment of insulin doses, plus no  long acting.
D T1 45 yrs, Dtron pumper almost a  yr.
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