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RE: [IPk] Pump - good and bad

Hi Marion

>You sound like one very happy chap.  It's great to hear that if there is
>a blip that things do get sorted quickly.

Yes - the best thing I have done - wouldn't do anything differently other
than getting the pump sooner!

>How long were you without the pump from sending yours back to getting
>the replacement?
>What did you do re insulin and is it difficult to change back to
>injections where amounts etc that were used are no longer suitable?

They sent the loan pump which arrived 2 days later (Tuesday, pump errored on
the Sunday) however my pump was still working - so no need to go back to
injections - if I had to for a short period I would avoid Lantus - would try
to get by with frequent injections of Humalog or if this wasn't practical
slightly less frequent injections of Actrapid.

>How long would you swim for and be without your pump (at least safely)?

60-90 minutes - but everyone is different - I am quite a competitive
swimmer - so it tend to be quite an energetic swim - its about the only
exercise I do now - so it has to be tough!

>For holidays where you may go a broad, I'm thinking of a child who may
>keep dipping in and out of the pool how would a pumper cope?  I know
>this may not be one for you Adrian but then again I make no assumptions.

When I swim on the beach its different from above - not for long periods -
may be 20-30 minutes and I just disconnect - its not as intense either so
doesn't need advanced planning! With the Paradigm you could use the Sports
Guard and stay connected.

>Would someone going away for a week or two stop using the pump and go on
>pens for the duration?

Never, Never! OK control might not be as good on holiday as diabetes takes
less of a priority but it will still be better control than I ever got on
MDI. My diabetes nurse talks about her periods of "denial" when control
slips - holidays are probably my period of "denial" but periods of "denial"
on the pump show better control than "full-on" management on MDI.

>Thanks for all the information, you are an inspiration.

The main thing is that a pump has given me a life - which was not achievable
on MDI - MDI gave me frequent Hypos - especially at night and feeling very
rough first thing in the morning with high BG levels.

I think I read somewhere that roughly 90% of people who try a pump stay on
it and I guess that most of those were on MDI before so surely 9 out of 10
people is a pretty compelling reason to give it a go!

Good luck
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