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RE: [IPk] Pump - good and bad

Hi Adrian,

You sound like one very happy chap.  It's great to hear that if there is
a blip that things do get sorted quickly.

How long were you without the pump from sending yours back to getting
the replacement?

What did you do re insulin and is it difficult to change back to
injections where amounts etc that were used are no longer suitable?

How long would you swim for and be without your pump (at least safely)?

For holidays where you may go a broad, I'm thinking of a child who may
keep dipping in and out of the pool how would a pumper cope?  I know
this may not be one for you Adrian but then again I make no assumptions.
Would someone going away for a week or two stop using the pump and go on
pens for the duration?  

Thanks for all the information, you are an inspiration.

Best wishes

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Hi Marion

I use a Medtronic Paradigm pump - it did have a problem about 6 months
ago -
an E21 error (which of course happened on a Sunday)- but I phoned the
International Support Line number - and although the pump was still
functioning OK (just lost its basal rates) a new replacement "loan" pump
sent out - I just returned my original pump to Medtronic in Watford
was repaired and returned to me - the whole process was so easy and
cost me a penny. I think it helps that many of the key staff at
Medtronic in
the UK use a pump themselves so are aware of the concerns that a pumper
have - I have found Anne Carrington and Morag McLaren  at Medtronic to

Some of the Paradigms features I find really useful:

1. Bolus / Correction Calculator (Its a little too conservative for me -
helps moderate what I would have done and so saves a few Hypos!)
2. Remote Control - great when you don't want to broadcast that you are
Diabetic on a pump or when you don't want (or the time) to have to
3. BG test prompt - great for me - I've always tested before each meal
going to bed but now I have many more test results 2 hours after eating.
4. Variable correction factors / insulin to carb factors - I have quite
different requirements at different times of day or night (all
for me!)
5. Date/ Time reservoir was started - a good reminder to me to change
set/ reservoir
6. Insulin Units left along with the time left before I need to refill
(calculated on your basal settings)

I can only think of two features which it hasn't got which could be
to some but haven't affected me:

1. Its not waterproof - although there is a waterproof sports guard you
use to get round this - it is splash proof though and Medtronic will (I
think) replace under warranty pumps which have water damage. I always
disconnect for a shower any how - its one less object in the way when I
not that awake! I always disconnect for swimming - and I still have to
reduce my basal before going for a swim and eat some carbs and BG is
roughly in target afterwards.

2. For me it delivers my basal at roughly 6 minute intervals (basal rate
roughly 1.0 unit per hour) if you are more sensitive to insulin then
interval would be larger. However the basal can be tweaked more with the
Paradigm than some of the other pumps - in steps of 0.05 units which
make more of a difference than shorter delivery intervals.

Needless to say I am over the moon with my Paradigm and couldn't have
for better customer service (and no I don't work for Medtronic!!!!)

Best wishes

>Which pump are you using and has the support always been good?
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