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RE: [IPk] Pump - good and bad

Thanks Pat,

I'm glad you added the bit to the end as 1 good point v so many bad
points made me wonder. With children, they are also smaller so I guess
site issues could be more of an issue as not such a big area to play
with (speaking from my own view point my stomach area is MUCH bigger
than Alex's).  

I know that it's not all rosey and may not suit all but I would at least
like to have the opportunity to try and decide ourselves.  At least that
way Alex will know she has tried the alternatives and can decide how she
wants to go forward.


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In message <email @ redacted>
, Marion Malik <email @ redacted> writes
>I understand that pumping does have both good and bad points.  We are
>hoping our daughter Alex may get the opportunity to pump.  As a user
>could you make a note of what you consider to be the good and bad
>points?  The bad points are important as these may be the things that
>Alex or at least we need to think about.

Good: better control.

Bad: you are attached to a thing the size of a pack of playing cards

Bad: Your clinic may only offer one kind of pump - and that means, at
worst, you are stuck with a kind of pump that isn't ideal for you (and
far from worst, a pump that doesn't match your fashion sense).

Bad: Some people get inflammation from the glue and/or antibacterial

Bad: Some people find the service from a pump company is lower than they
would find acceptable from a car hire company - but whereas with a car
hire company you can write an irate letter, and avoid them in future,
you are basically stuck with the company concerned. [Effect and Cause]

Bad: the needles for the sets are far bigger/more painful than pens or

Bad: one has to carry around spare insulin, sets, etc. etc. - about 5
times as much kit as with a pen or syringe.

Bad: airport hassles (very rare, and becoming less so).  

Far more 'bad' than 'good', it would seem ... but the 'good' is so
dramatically, emphatically good, that the 'bad' is negligible.

Best wishes,

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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