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RE: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Hi June

That makes two of us my average basal is 0.9 units but between 12am-4am
drops to 0.3 units then from 4am up to 1.4 units until 10am (dawn
phenomenon) when back down to 0.9. I use different insulin to carb ratios
for 3 periods of the day (highest is breakfast, lowest is lunch and dinner
is mid way between the two. I had no idea that my needs varied so much until
I had tried the CGMS - teamed with some carb scales! The CGMS showed a
pretty consistent pattern.


>I wonder if some people use a different
>ratio at different times of the day.  I see no reason why this should not
>Ok.  If I went back to 1:8 for the evening meal I might solve my problem.
>can't cut the basals as they are already 0.1.  I do have the dawn
>and the basal goes up to 1.1 at 5.00 am.  It's just till then that I get
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