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Re: [IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Hi Terry

Thanks so much for telling us about this.  I am so excited that it will help 
us all.  I had been reading about it in America but was finding it difficult 
to understand what this Guardian was although I realised it was not 
available here.  The site I have been using is: 

I have been having a lot of problems over the last weeks and this would be 
so much help in sorting out how things should be.  I am doing the 11 tests a 
day plus extra each hour or over 10s and quarter hourly for hypos.  We all 
did it when we began but I did not expect to be doing it now.  I am so 
tired.  I wish I had one of these.  Does it really matter that there is a 
difference between this reading and normal readings.  Surely, if we accepted 
different danger points there would be no trouble for the patient.

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> Hi aal,
> Last Friday (14th Jan) I attended B'mouth hosp. I am now participating in 
> a 10
> day trial of a new continuos glucose monitoring system.
> Three pumper are taking part, two chaps and a lady. We were asked as we 
> have
> HBA1c of around 7 and appear stable (what ever stable really means).
> We are testing the equipment for 10 days. If successful, it wiil be used 
> on
> patients with unstable or higher Bgs for a 3 months period.
> The unit is made by Medtronic, it's called Guardian RT.
> An insert is placed in the tummy region (using a wanger or inserter). Bg
> readings are sent, via radio, to the receiver which hangs on my waist or 
> for
> ladies, in their hand bag. The main unit must be no further away form the
> transmitter than 6ft.
> You can input your actual bg, taken from your finger. You also have to 
> input
> carbo and insulin as you take them.
> I'm currently doing 11 bgs a day. The machine never gives the same reading 
> as
> my finger Bg. We have to believe our own meter readings. My meter is a One 
> Touch
> Ultra. Finger readings are current, the machine will always be around 20 
> minutes
> out as it reads from subcutanious tissue.
> The insert has to be changed every 3 days. If not changed a warning sounds 
> on
> the Guardian RT. Also, the patient inputs their requirement for low Bg and 
> high
> Bg limits. If these are reached alarms go off.
> I've already reduced my basal after one day! I found my bgs were low AND 
> high
> at various times. I was testing 7 times each 24 hours prior to this! So 
> far,
> I've lost around 1 hours sleep each night as I keep getting various 
> alarms. If
> the receiver/tranmitter are unable to connect then an alarm is sounded and 
> the
> machine has to be calibrated again. This in its self take around 10 
> minutes.
> We have to keep a diary and record each and every event.
> Remember, we are testing the equipment and not using it to regulate our
> control.
> We are the only patients to be using this equipment, at the moment.
> Oh yes, cost? They are around #2000, plus the leather pouch and all the
> replacement inserts. A chill bag is required as the inserts MUST be kept
> refrigerated until an hour before use.
> We were supplied with all the gear by Medtronic.
> Of interest, a pump with a constant Bg tester has been developed. The pump 
> will
> work from Bg results. It will be a few years (3 to 5) before we see these
> machines in use.
> Terry
> DT1 45yrs. D-Tron pumper almost a year.
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