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[IPk] Re: Cozmo pumps in the UK , neg aspects of pump, variable insulin resistance

For whoever might be considering a Cozmo pump, just to say that I've
now been using the Cozmo for 2 weeks (after more than 6 years with a
Disetronic H-tron plus) and I think it is wonderful.

I am certain that I am not yet using all its amazing features to
maximum advantage, but am already enjoying the great flexibility,
particularly the correction boluses, fine adjustment of basal rate and
temporary basals.

>From the point of view of its features, I feel that I already know
enough to recommend it highly. Obviously I can't say anything yet about
reliability, though it is thought to be good. 

On the other hand, I still feel as I did before, that any pump is much
better than no pump, though for some people the more subtle differences
between pumps (e.g. for people who use small amounts of insulin, how
finely can basal and bolus be adjusted, and in what time increments is
basal administered, and for people who use temporary basals a lot to
adjust for exercise, mood, stress etc, flexibility with temporary rates
is important) will make a significant difference.

Someone asked about negative aspects of pumping - I don't see any - I
see lots of negative aspects of diabetes, but we don't have any choice
but to live with them. Although I postponed getting a pump initially
over fear of having something constantly attached, and fear of
inserting the long needles, now though I still dislike inserting
needles, in comparison, for me life on MDI was a sort of extended
uncertainty with diabetes controlling me, rather than me controlling it
at least halfway most of the time with the pump.

In connection with variable insulin resistance, which I have as
severely as Pat, flexibility in setting amount of duration of temp
basals is very helpful, and likewise the correction boluses on the
Cozmo, which allow one to input BG, having already setup different
insulin sensitivities for different ours of the day, and have it
calculate exact magnitude of correction bolus. But the bottom line is
that diabetes is rough to live with, and markedly variable insulin
resistance (as well as a host of other things) can make it much
rougher. The pump doesn't make it vanish, though it is a very good tool
to make life with DM easier and improve quality of life now, as well as
improving long term morbidity and mortality prospects. 

Pat, your exercise program etc sound great - hope you succeed in
persisting, and maybe you can infect me with the enthusiasm I need to
get out of my current low exercise, poor eating habits patch, and sort
myself out again - I was hoping that the new pump would be sufficient
inspiration, but this hasn't yet happened unfortunately. 


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