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[IPk] reply to Ken - ketones

Hi Ken,
Yes I am saying that people on Atkins diet in the long term CAN be at risk of
developing diabetes - if their blood sugars constantly get low enough for
energy to have to be sourced from fat and gluconeogenesis occurs.
Some people without diabetes suffer from reactive hypoglycaemia (my daughter
is one) which unless controlled by avoiding fast sugars and including complex
carbs and protein in the diet can result in seizure type hypos. (can be
brought on by shock)
Maybe it only happens this severely in children?
A lot of non-diabetic adults suffer low blood sugars when they start to shake,
get headaches, and just 'have' to eat sweet foods if they miss meals -
particularly breakfast, and it often runs in families. Zinc deficiency is
often a big contributory factor here.
Hope that makes it clearer?
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