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[IPk] pasta bolus

Hi All,

I am looking at the six day graph print out from the CGMS Edward has had this
week. One big problem I have is how to bolus for pasta correctly. He eats at
about 5pm, we are using a ratio of 1:20 and have tried a pre-meal small bolus
to cover the fast acting carbs in the sauce and the yoghurt he has afterwards
and then a square wave for four hours or a dual wave if we haven't bolused
before he eats. This seems to hold him stable until around 1am whereby he
rises until about 6am. I am intrigued that this is the case so long after
eating and wonder if anyone else has any ideas on why this is happening. The
overnight basals seem absolutely fine for the nights where he didn't have long
acting carbs for tea so I don't think we're looking at a dawn phenomenon (at
the moment). If we gave more insulin when he eats I think we could be risking
hypos in the early evening. The only way I can think of to deal with this is
to set a higher basal pattern to use just for pasta in the early hours of the
morning. Welcome to the wonderful, unpredictable world of toddlers I suppose!


Jane. Mum to Ed (2) dx Jul'04 pumping 512 since 16/11/04
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