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[IPk] Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Hi aal,
 Last Friday (14th Jan) I attended B'mouth hosp. I am now participating in a 10
day trial of a new continuos glucose monitoring system.
 Three pumper are taking part, two chaps and a lady. We were asked as we have
HBA1c of around 7 and appear stable (what ever stable really means).
 We are testing the equipment for 10 days. If successful, it wiil be used on
patients with unstable or higher Bgs for a 3 months period.
The unit is made by Medtronic, it's called Guardian RT.
 An insert is placed in the tummy region (using a wanger or inserter). Bg
readings are sent, via radio, to the receiver which hangs on my waist or for
ladies, in their hand bag. The main unit must be no further away form the
transmitter than 6ft.
 You can input your actual bg, taken from your finger. You also have to input
carbo and insulin as you take them.
 I'm currently doing 11 bgs a day. The machine never gives the same reading as
my finger Bg. We have to believe our own meter readings. My meter is a One Touch
Ultra. Finger readings are current, the machine will always be around 20 minutes
out as it reads from subcutanious tissue.
 The insert has to be changed every 3 days. If not changed a warning sounds on
the Guardian RT. Also, the patient inputs their requirement for low Bg and high
Bg limits. If these are reached alarms go off.
 I've already reduced my basal after one day! I found my bgs were low AND high
at various times. I was testing 7 times each 24 hours prior to this! So far,
I've lost around 1 hours sleep each night as I keep getting various alarms. If
the receiver/tranmitter are unable to connect then an alarm is sounded and the
machine has to be calibrated again. This in its self take around 10 minutes.
We have to keep a diary and record each and every event.
 Remember, we are testing the equipment and not using it to regulate our
We are the only patients to be using this equipment, at the moment.
 Oh yes, cost? They are around #2000, plus the leather pouch and all the
replacement inserts. A chill bag is required as the inserts MUST be kept
refrigerated until an hour before use.
We were supplied with all the gear by Medtronic.  
 Of interest, a pump with a constant Bg tester has been developed. The pump will
work from Bg results. It will be a few years (3 to 5) before we see these
machines in use.
DT1 45yrs. D-Tron pumper almost a year.  
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