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[IPk] Re: Variable insulin resistance etc

Hi Pat

The fat doesn't need to be considered, but protein does.  It's easy though, 
approx one ounce of protein food will raise BG by as much as 2g carb.  My 
meals are not *high* protein, unless you consider it in ratio to carb.  So 
an average meal will have 3 or 4 oz protein, with BG impact of 6 - 8 g carb. 

Also, with this law of small numbers, its quite easy to keep BG within the 4 
 - 6 mmols/L range, so your basal requirments would be affected far less. 

Some chapters of Dr B's book can be previewed on the website: 

But I accept its not for everybody... 

Best wishes 


Pat Reynolds writes: 

> It's not a daft suggestion at all ... but surely more work - I mean, you
> do have to calculate protien and fat, as well as carbohydrate, don't
> you?  
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