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Re: [IPk] Variable insulin resistance etc

It's not a daft suggestion at all ... but surely more work - I mean, you
do have to calculate protien and fat, as well as carbohydrate, don't

Cutting out breakfast entirely doesn't seem to have any effect, and
having low carbohydrate (10g or under) lunches on most days doesn't seem
to have any effect, so I'm not sure that reducing down the carb in the
evening meal too is going to work!  And, of course, I'm very attached to

The underlying variability is, I think, due to exercise and excitement -
(hey!  I should never get out of the chair!).  Not sure how to control
excitement - since I'm not prepared to give up on the thesis, and work
is incredibly exciting at times.

Plus, as I've described, I think I have very different basal and bolus
needs when I'm 5 or 8 or 11 or 16 ... and if I drift up from 7.5 to 8, I
don't stay at 8 (although the basal would have been fine, had I stayed
at 7.5, but instead I flip up to 12.

But thanks for the thought: it's certainly worth thinking of doing for a
couple of weeks (if I could find the time to do the necessary bolus
experimenting ....)



In message <email @ redacted>, Lesley
Jordan <email @ redacted> writes
>Hi Pat
>I dont suppose youll like it, but I suggest Bernstein!  Worked for me.  
>Its the law of small numbers: small numbers = small miscalculations = small 
>BG variations. 
> ----------
>From:  Pat Reynolds [SMTP:email @ redacted] 
>Go for it, guys (by the way, solutions that involve giving up work or
>Phd are going to get binned - I'd rather have two years of what I have
>now than 30 years of banality)
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Pat Reynolds
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   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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