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Re: [IPk] Re: solutions for better health

For the record I did a Candida detox when breast feeding Brian ( due to his
allergies). Disastrous time to do detox for child, but the effect on my body
was amazing. I had had been admitted for query Rheumatoid Arthritis/lupus
along the way in my twenties and years later, gall stones. Each time I had
nothing register on investigation. All the symptoms just disappeared with
the detox. Along with a load that I had never realised I had like my eyes
stopped smarting.
One of my biggest problems was the recurring and resistant infections were
treated with repeated antibiotics.... . which exacerbated the candida! My
brother had rheumatic fever as a kid and when I started complaining about
joint pain (?candida from the birth canal) at the age of 5yrs they gave me
penbritin (sp)... the pains increased and so did the courses of antibiotics.
My GP felt this is why I was so chronic a case. I had lived with the
symptoms so long that they felt completely normal and it was like someone
switched on a light when I did the detox. I did it for my son so  I ate like
a horse but lost two stone in two months having had no joy with dieting
before. My priority has been to survive the detox so I ate loads of foods
that were sugar and yeast free. Three dinners a day. Plates of roast spuds
etc. Anything to stop me from breaking the detox as I have a fierce sweet
As I write I have vague memories of detailing this to you before? If so
apologies. Detox did nothing for my head injury ( plus the brain fog of
motherhood along with sleep deprivation!!
I suppose what I am trying to capture is that the effects can be that
dramatic. I haven't had an antibiotic since (1995). Partly cos we use
different approaches but my immune system is much more effective. High
sugars from Diabetes would feed the candida big time and allow it take a
hold. I give Grace probiotics daily but she went on strike during the summer
and thrush thrived.
Hope you find some answers.
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From: "Aisling Kerr" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: 14 January 2005 20:47
Subject: [IPk] Re: solutions for better health

> Pat,
> Have you ruled out Candida or yeast-syndrome?
>  Most doctors don't recognise the symptoms and it's not officially
recognised by
> the medical profession as an illness (it only recognises thrush and
> but lots of people claim to suffer from it and to have regained/improved
> health by following an "anti-yeast" diet/ taking anti-yeast medication and
> taking nutritional supplements to strengthen their immune system. Best
done with
> the help of a GP/homeopathic doctor/ nutritionist.
>  The symptoms you list have been associated with the development of
> high blood sugars/ stress/ weight gain/ infection (did you take a
long-course of
> antibiotics??)/steroids / worse diet (some people can tolerate junk food
> other people are more sensitive to it because they need a sufficient
> vitamin/mineral intake or need to avoid foods their body doesn't tolerate,
> digest easily.
>  An anti-yeast diet can make a "candida sufferer" feel worse in the short
> but people claim to gain dramatic improvements in their general health and
> energy levels in the long run.
>  If you haven't ruled it out already you can learn more about it at
> www.candida-society.org.
> good luck with the write-up
> Aisling
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> email @ redacted wrote:
> Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 19:54:49 +0000
> From: Pat Reynolds <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IPk] Re: variable insulin resistance etc
>  OK, for the last 12 - 15 months I have had much worse control. There are
> whole bundle of things contributing to, and resulting from the worse
> and I just don't know where to start.
> a) increased weight (up a stone)
> b) cycling chest infection and severe asthma (only since August)
> c) decreased exercise (never a big one for getting out of my chair, me,
> and the pilates class folded ....)
> d) steroids to treat asthma and cortisone to treat trigger finger
> e) weariness meaning that I don't have the energy to sort this
> f) weariness also means I eat worse - I tend not to eat breakfast, lunch
> is salad or soup (depending on season), and most calories are in the
> evening. Worse food is just so much easier to cook, and so much more
> comforting!
> Go for it, guys (by the way, solutions that involve giving up work or
> Phd are going to get binned - I'd rather have two years of what I have
> now than 30 years of banality)
> Cheers,
> Pat
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