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Re: [IPk] Advice Needed

Hi  Julian

It was suggested to me that I was getting problems by using my stomach all 
the time.  I am using the front of my upper legs at the moment and finding 
it very comfortable.  I carry the pump in my trousers.  I didn't fancy 
sitting on it or having it in my arms either.  I don't know if my messages 
have been getting through but the answer to my problems re high and low 
blood sugars have been very simple.  My husband worked out what was 
happening.  The levers holding the reservoir in place were lifting and their 
contact with the lead screw was not really contacting.  We used the brush 
supplied when the pump was first given to us and made sure there was not 
debris in the thread.  The pump worked perfectly.  I actually received a 
replacement pump the following day and had the same problem again which also 
disappeared when I cleaned the thread.  With a dirty thread, no insulin was 
being infused, hence the high sugars even after corrections.


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Subject: [IPk] Advice Needed

> Hi All>
> I'm having real problems with my normal site areas. I have discovered a 
> lot of
> small hard lumps around the areas where sets have been. My blood sugars 
> are
> staying high, even when I use correction bolus and increase basals. I have 
> tried
> other sites such as my arms and bum. But they just are not practical.
> I've used these sites for almost three years and not had a problem like 
> this
> before. Has anyone got any advice/experience of this sort of thing. I 
> really
> can't be doing with this problem right now.
> Thanks
> Julian
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