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Re: [IPk] Amazed at what I heard today!

You don't say how old this girl is, but I think she should be encouraged to
do her own blood tests asap ? my 7-year-old (now 8) has done his from when
he was first diagnosed in January 2004. Although he's shown no interest in
doing his own injections yet, he gets a great deal of reassurance from
testing wherever and whenever he likes. He carries his snack bag with
glucose tablets, ribena carton and digestive biscuits and his tester with
him at all times and that also enables him to live a 'normal' life in terms
of playing sport or going to friends' houses at short notice knowing that
he can cope with most situations as they arise.


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Hi everyone

>Whilst at work today (I work in a primary school), one of the other
>assistants came to check that she had done the "right thing" for a year 1
>girl who has diabetes.  Apparently the girl had been complaining of a
>ache so, following mums directions she gave her a drink of lucozade.
>instructions are that if the girl doesn't seem well that we are to give
>lucozade.  I asked the TA what the girl's BS was and she said that they
>don't do it.  I then had a chat with the girl who told me that mummy
>her finger when she sticks the needle in her leg in the morning and when
>sticks the needle in her leg when she goes to bed.  I asked her whether
>mummy pricks her finger any other time and she said no.  Mum apparently
>tells the teacher her BS reading when she drops her off in the morning,
>I can't understand how you are supposed to make sure that the girl is
>functioning properly all day on one reading.

T1 27+ yrs MM508 2 yrs
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