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Re: [IPk] Autolet Impression

The whanger production situation is pretty simple. There are factories 
around the world that make lancets. Most of these factories are like 
computer-part factories: off of this production line comes that brand of 
product, off of the other production line comes this brand of product, etc. 
But many brands are manufactured under the same roof. That is why you can 
buy Therasense branded lancets and Lifescan branded lancets and they are 
pretty much the same thing once you have taken off the protective cap.

Some of the companies that own the lancet factories also have design and 
production capabilities for lancet whangers. They may design and produce 
whangers for the bg meter companies or they might produce the whangers 
according to plans supplied by the bg meter companies. Owen Mumford, which 
makes the Impression, produces lancets under its own brand name and also for 
other companies and will also design a whanger if another company wants them 
to. http://www.facettechnologies.com/microsampling.html gives some insight 
into the structure of the lancet/whanger industry. Facet Technologies (whose 
products I am sure I use) and Owen Mumford are competitors.

The bg meter companies need to give people something to stick themselves 
with if they want them to use the meter (how many times have you bought a 
small electronic device and forgotten to purchase the batteries?). The 
branded lancet whanger can reinforce the brand name too, and if it's a 
proprietary system like Soft-Clix, it can generate a bit more revenue for 
the company. A lot of people I have met seem to think it's very odd to use 
one company's whanger and lancets with another company's meter. That tells 
me that the branding message is getting through, because as long as you get 
the blood sample it doesn't matter what you poked yourself with!


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