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[IPk] Re: variable insulin resistance etc

There is no doubt that proving this idiosyncratic insulin response
could improve your control - if you proved it, you could act on it more
accurately than just in a vague hand-waving sort of way - as I guess
you might do now.
Some months ago, you and others on this list helped me understand the
fact that my insulin resistance differs at different bg levels - though
in my case it increases steadily as soon as bg starts to rise above
normal levels - and acting on this premise in determining the size of
meal boluses and correction boluses improved my control. I am intrigued
by your theory of a flip to much higher insulin resistance - suspect
that too may happen to me at higher bg, and now that I am looking out
for it, I may experiment with monitoring this effect - thanks! 
I did use the cgms a couple of times - wrote it up on the IP web site -
one problem with it, for me at least, is that my body seems to become
much better behaved when being monitored than normally - perhaps an
adrenaline effect - I wanted at one stage to test what happened at high
bg's, and despite eating lots of chocolate biscuits, remained on the
verge of hypo.

>I think, even if there are scientific studies, insulin is so variable
>between people, that we are pretty much stuck with taking what the
>studies suggest might be a typical response, and experimenting from
>there.  I would like to try a continuous bg meter to see if it can
>enhance my self-analysis, but have to come up with a research
>I think I've found one, in that my bgs have a binomial distribution:
>that is, rather than a bar chart of my results showing a peak (mostly 
>one level, and then tailing off higher and lower) it always shows twin
>peaks.  I theorise that I have radically different insulin resistance 
>different bg levels, so a continuous meter should show that I am
>constant and then flip to a higher level once I start to drift up.

>How would proving this improve my control?  Any ideas? (I'm assuming
>that my research will only be allowed if I can show that it has health

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