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Re: [IPk] Autolet Impression

Thanks for this, Melissa. I'm not sure why, given that some companies
are selling lancet whangers, others are not but simply giving them as
gift-with-purchase of meters (doesn't make sense to me!)

Best wishes,

In message <email @ redacted>, Melissa P. Ford
<email @ redacted> writes
>Hi Pat,
>The Autolet Impression is sold as a separate item because Owen Mumford is 
>selling it under its own auspices and patents/patents pending rather than as 
>a product with another company's name on it, similarly to how the 
>Becton-Dickinson (B-D) Optimus Lancet Device is sold as a separate item.
>By contacting Owen Mumford directly at 01993 812021 one should be able to 
>obtain information on ordering an Autolet Impression lancet device.
>I got an Autolet Impression from Owen Mumford US after meeting an American 
>rep at a US conference. Hated it because I am committed to the B-D Microfine 
>lancets and even at the absolute shallowest/lightest settings the Autolet 
>Impression was very, very painful with those lancets. The B-D lancets are 
>just pointy (they are as sharp as some syringe/pen needles and pointy like 
>syringe/pen needles) for the workings of the Autolet Impression. The B-D 
>lancet whanger works with lancets other than the B-D brand lancets but I 
>like to use the two together.
>Type 1 11+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 1 year
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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